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BB100 – Read broadly and carry a big horn with Dr. Doug Emlen

In a very special episode #100, we talk to Dr. Doug Emlen, Professor of Biology at the University of Montana and author of the new book Animal Weapons, about animals that don’t back down from a fight (unless it makes evolutionary sense to do so), and Doug shares all his tips on how to tell the story of evolution to everyone when you’re used to writing for academics.

Show notes:

  • Animal Weapons: The Evolution of Battle
  • Competition among body parts in the development and evolution of insect morphology
  • The evolution of animal weapons (Review Paper)
  • Evolution: Making Sense of Life (co-authored with Carl Zimmer)

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BB 90 – From Doctor to Documentary with Dr. Nate Dappen & Dr. Neil Losin #AltActober

With PhD’s in evolutionary biology in their back pockets, Drs. Nate Dappen and Neil Losin set out to become wildlife filmmakers and science communicators. #AltActober continues with Nate and Neil sharing how they teamed up to form their production company, Day’s Edge Productions, and some simple advice for those looking to share their work in a visually compelling way.

Show Notes:
Snows of the Niles
Islands of Creation teaser
Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Maize

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Episode 78 – Fighting for Evolution with Trevor Valle & @TakeThatDarwin

Palaeontologist Trevor Valle and evolution vigilante Dal (AKA @TakeThatDarwin) talk to us about how they face off with evolution denialists, and why pop stars don’t get carte blanche at Natural History Museums.

Show Notes:
This is what happens when a palaeontologist attacks K$sha on Twitter

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What Makes Science Bloggers Tick with Paige Brown Jarreau! Episode 72

This week we’re talking to Louisiana State University PhD student Paige Brown Jarreau about her work trying to understand what makes science bloggers tick, or at least why they do what they do. We also discuss the role and future of crowd-funding scientific research.

Show Notes:

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Paige has placed all of her slides from the Strategic Social Media course we discussed online  –

Here’s the study Morgan mentioned regarding social media & academic citations (PDF) –

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Breaking Bio #65 – Sex chromosomes & Math for Biologists with Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres!

We sit down to talk about the evolution of sex chromosomes and the diversity of ways organisms determine sex with Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres of Arizona State University. Dr. Wilson Sayres also explains why math is important for biologists, and how public outreach and engagement needs to become more common from practicing scientists.

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Episode 63 – Movies, TV and Science Communication with Dr. Crystal Dilworth

Al Jazeera America science correspondant Dr. Crystal Dilworth gave us the scoop on some of her work spreading science on the big screen. From playing Tajel in the PhD Movie, to interviewing scientists for AJ Tech Know on Al Jazeera America, and from inspiring TEDx talks to projectile vomiting in the name of science, Crystal tells all about her unusual path to becoming a high-profile science communicator.

You can follow Crystal on Twitter @PolycrystalhD, and be sure to check out her TEDx talk, her web series Fail Lab (probably don’t watch the final episode over lunch), and her feature on PBS’ The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.