Episode 36: Christie Wilcox!


Christie Wilcox (@NerdyChristie) comes on to school us on lionfish with liver damage and why scientists should use social media.  Come for the invasive species, stay for the social media smackdown!


You can read more about obese lion fish in Christie’s excellent Slate article.

If you’re a scientist looking for advice on social networking, be sure to check out the Social Networking for Scientists Wiki Christie has helped set up, which is chock full of advice on using different social media platforms.

Christie and Steven ended up having a much longer discussion about the science of science communication online, which you can watch in the unedited video here. That long discussion somehow inspired Morgan to create this, which should be hitting movie theatres sometime in 2014:

The Twitter Files - Steven Wants to Believe (in science communication backed up with statistically quantifiable data)

The Twitter Files – Steven Wants to Believe (in science communication backed up with statistically quantifiable results & data)

Episode 35: Phil Torres, Man of the Amazon!

If you want to hear about cobra venom in your eye and tramping around the jungles like a *real* biologist, then Phil Torres is your man and this is your episode!  Plus, the behind-the-scenes story of the Donald Trump caterpillar.  Don’t miss this one!

The paper Phil mentioned describing his recovery from spitting cobra venom can be found here (open access).

Phil’s Trojan Spider feature on Wired.

You can follow all of Phil’s travels on his blog, including the Donald Trump caterpillar.

We’ll be right back…

We recorded a great episode with Justin Gregg last week, but unfortunately, Google decided to lose the video on us.  There’s a non-zero chance that we’ll get it back, but Google being Google, they’re taking their sweet time about it.  So, never fear:  we’re working on it!  In the mean time, we’re looking forward to this week when we record with Phil Torres, and on July 3rd we’ll be chatting with Christie Wilcox of Science Sushi!

Episode 33: Brian Switek!

My beloved Brontopodcast! Okay, the joke is lame , but the podcast isn’t:  it’s the awesome Brian Switek of Laelaps blog and Twitter fame and author of two great books on dinosaurs and the fossil record.  I can’t even describe it, you’ll just have to watch it.

Episode 32: Glendon Mellow!

In Episode 32, we talk with Glendon Mellow (@symbiartic), science illustrator extraordinaire, about his work illustrating biology, copyright, visuals in science, and tattoos!


Episode 31: Stu Auld!

In episode 31 we talk to Stu Auld about host-parasite coevolution in Daphnia.  If you like tales about crustaceans with parasites and gender issues, then this is the podcast for you!  If not, it’s probably still the podcast for you, because Stu is awesome and funny.  You can also find more about Stu and his research at his blog.

Episode 30: Us!

In episode 30 Anthony returns to turn the tables and ask *us* questions for #scifund! If you’ve ever wanted a look behind the scenes of Breaking Bio, this is the podcast for you.

Episode 29: Beards!

In episode 29 we talk with Mike Kasumovic about spiders and crickets and video games – and that’s just the science!  Plus, Mike’s tips on getting ahead in science and how to have a great academic beard.

Episode 28: Bats!

Our guest Patty Jones from UT Austin joins us to talk about frog-eating bats, the joys of field work, and the crew hatches a plan to rid the world of Justin Bieber!

Episode 27: Shark teeth!

In Episode 27, we chat with the awesome Joshua Drew (@labroides) and even drop in on his graduate class to say ‘hi’.  If you’re interested in awesome shark tooth weapons, communicating science, or the role of women in science, then this is the episode for you! Plus, bowties are *cool*.