Episode 7

Professor Rob Brooks (@Brooks_Rob), a behavioural ecologist studying sexual reproduction at the University of New South Wales, joins Rafael, Morgan, Tom, Michael, Lauren, and I for an interview about his book (Sex, Genes, and Rock’n’Roll), and evolution in general.  In a departure from our usual format, there was a minimum of chaos.  Also, our new cohost Lauren (@PygmyLoris) joins us for the first time!  Due to mic issues we don’t hear much from her, but look for her to be a big part of things in episodes to come.

Note:  despite what it may say, this is episode 7, not 17.

Rob Brooks’ website

BodyLAB project website

Episode 6

Rafael, Morgan, Michael, and Bug join me to talk about the international differences in graduate programs, unsafe drinking practices, feathered dinosaurs, and questionable deliveries through the mail. Note: *definitely* NSFW.

Episode 5

Morgan, Rafael and I discuss the Evolutionary Biology Journal Club (http://evobiojournalclub.wordpress.com/), the 2012 ISBE (International Society for Behavioural Ecology) conference, and creationism in a science outreach event.

Episode 4

Tom, Rafael, Bug Girl and I discuss the Evolution 2012 conference and the perils and pleasures of using social media as a working scientist.

Episode 3

I discuss tiny flies and the ins-and-outs of insect systematics with co-host Morgan Jackson while half our our team is at Evolution 2012.

Episode 2

Your hosts Rafael Maia, Morgan Jackson, and Steven Hamblin discuss poor George the tortoise, sperm competition, and the horror of mathematics in biology papers.

Episode 1

On the first episode of Breaking Bio your hosts Tom Houslay, Rafael Maia, and Steven Hamblin discuss grad school, insect sex, and communicating your science.

So it begins…

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