Episode 15: Baby Carrots!

In episode 15, Lauren, Morgan, Rafael, Tom and I discuss the least-stressful job of 2013 (professor!) and scientific literacy.  Then, the topic turns to baby carrots and things go completely off the rails.  You may never look at your vegetables the same way again.

Episode 14: Jaden Walker and the bedroom of 12,000 spiders!

In Episode 14, Morgan and I chat with Jaden Walker (@theeternal, @myriap0da), who is an amateur entomologist, musician, autism advocate, and more.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to house 12,000 spiders (no, that’s not a typo) in your bedroom, this is the episode for you!

Episode 13

In this episode, Lauren, Morgan, Rafael, Tom, Bug and I chat with Jacquelyn Gill (@jacquelyngill):  paleoecologist extraordinaire, social media powerhouse, and all around purveyor of awesome sauce.  We cover the ins-and-outs of paleoecology (i.e. the daily dung), scicomm, social media, improving things for women in science, mammoth attacks, and more!  This episode was pretty meaty, so for ease I split it up into 3 parts.  Enjoy!

Breaking Bio Blooper Reel (2012)

Look, we do our best, but … well, sometimes things just go horribly wrong. Here’s the best and worst of 2012 from the Breaking Bio crew, here for your amusement at our expense!  (Note:  no audio version, because there’s a lot of unintentional sight gags in this one).

Episode 12


In Episode 12, Bug, Crystal, Morgan, Tom and I talk about why the Strepsiptera are rubbish, censorship!, the public conversation about science and whether we can blog our science as it happens, and academic … CV … size. Not only was this Crystal’s first live podcast, but Tom was kind of drunk. Audio is definitely NSFW.

Episode 11

In this episode I’m joined by Lauren, Tom, Morgan, Michael and Bug Girl as we talk with Professor Mike Siva-Jothy (@sivajothy) of the University of Sheffield.  We cover traumatic insemination in bedbugs, tiny glass-blown genitalia, and the triumphant return of pubic lice!

As always, if you want to listen to this episode later at your leisure – or simply don’t want your enjoyment of insect genitalia discussions being spoiled by the accompanying pixellated video of biologists – then head on over to our iTunes page to download it there…

Episode 10

In this series of clips shot at the Entomological Society of America 2012 conference, Morgan and Crystal interview a series of special guests (including a quick cameo from friends of the show @TheBugChicks!).

We met up with a bunch of different scientists at ESA 2012, and some were even willing to speak with us on camera!

Crystal Ernst introduces herself to the podcast, and talks a little about her work, blogging and her YouTube channel.

Michael Naegle from Brigham Young University tells us about parasitic earwigs that live on giant rats and tropical bats.

Matan Shelomi from the University of California, Davis (and the Bohart Museum of Entomology) discusses his paper on Pokemon Phylogenetics (you can see Matan’s phylogeny at the bottom of this post), as well as his research on a weird structure he’s found in the guts of walking sticks.

Nik Tatarnic, a post-doc at Macquarie University, Sydney chats about traumatic insemination.

We say a quick hello to The Bug Chicks, who make a second consecutive visit on Breaking Bio!

Phylogeny of Pokemon

Phylogeny of Pokemon from Shelomi, Richards, Li & Okido, 2012 [Annals of Improbable Research, Vol 18 (4), p. 15-17] (Click to enlarge)

Episode 9

In episode 9 we’re joined by the Bug Chicks (thebugchicks.com). Tom, Rafael, and I chat with Jessica and Kristie about everything from teaching about bugs to driving in East Africa with no brakes.

  • The Bug Chicks

Update from Tom:


Episode 8

I’m joined by Lauren, Morgan, Rafael, and Sam Evans to chat about science goblins, anti-intellectualism, Master’s degrees, the things we write on grants and the joys of working in a call centre.

Links to the stories in this episode:

  • Mid-year budget slashes $499m from research support
  • Italian court ruling sends chill through science community | Reuters 
  • Scientific Illiteracy: Why The Italian Earthquake Verdict is Even Worse Than it Seems | TIME.com
  • The Gambler and the Scientist | Slate

Episode 7

Professor Rob Brooks (@Brooks_Rob), a behavioural ecologist studying sexual reproduction at the University of New South Wales, joins Rafael, Morgan, Tom, Michael, Lauren, and I for an interview about his book (Sex, Genes, and Rock’n’Roll), and evolution in general.  In a departure from our usual format, there was a minimum of chaos.  Also, our new cohost Lauren (@PygmyLoris) joins us for the first time!  Due to mic issues we don’t hear much from her, but look for her to be a big part of things in episodes to come.

Note:  despite what it may say, this is episode 7, not 17.

Rob Brooks’ website

BodyLAB project website