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Episode 64 – Singing mice with Steve Phelps!

In episode 64 we talk with Steve Phelps of the University of Texas at Austin about the evolution of social behaviour, prairies voles, singing mice, Twitter for academics, the academic work life and more!

Episode 61: Bird nerding with Alex Bond!

This week’s guest is ecologist and all-around bird nerd Dr. Alex Bond. Alex was an adjunct at the University of Saskatchewan when we talked to him, but he’ll soon beginning his new position as a Conservation Scientist for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds  in the UK. Alex talked to us about the wide variety of ornithological research he’s involved with, the importance of natural history to science, and why puffins are giant D-bags! Come for the feathers, stay for the fun!

Follow along with Alex’s research & upcoming field work in the middle of nowhere on Twitter (@thelabandfield) and his blog The Lab & Field (http://labandfield.wordpress.com/).

Episode 60: Climate and coral with Emily Darling!

It’s coral reefs, it’s climate change, it’s us making connections for our next African vacation.  It’s episode 60 with Emily Darling (@emilysdarling), marine ecologist extraordinaire! And good news:  we’re not all screwed.  Well, mostly.  Probably.  Okay, look, watch the interview and decide for yourself.

Episode 59: Dolphin talk with Justin Gregg!

It’s dolphin time!  Join us as we talk with Justin Gregg, research associate at the Dolphin Communication Project, author of the new book Are Dolphins Really Smart, and voiceover artist.  Bonus: a brief discussion on dolphin assisted birth and why that’s a really dumb idea.

Episode 58: From farm to fork with Dan Gillis!

In episode 58 we’re joined by Dan Gillis, Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph.  We had a great talk about his work as an ecological modeller for the Saugeen Ojibway First Nations and about an innovative project with his students that is helping to deliver fresh food to food donors and emergency food providers!

Episode 57: Into the pool with David Shiffman!

In episode 57 we’re joined by David Shiffman (@WhySharksMatter), marine biologist, shark conservationist, and scicommer extraordinaire.  It’s a great interview, ranging everywhere from shark culls in Australia to mermaids to how one can buy the shirt off your Red Lobster servers’ back.  Everyone in the pool!

Episode 56: Growing up with Katie Hinde!

I bet you didn’t know that ‘comparative lactation’ was a thing, did you?  Well, it is.  And it’s awesome.  Katie Hinde (@mammals_suck), assistant professor at Harvard, joins us to talk about milk, milk, milk!  Oh, and some biology stuff.  Ever thought about milking a monkey?  Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Episode 55: Come share a paleofantasy with Marlene Zuk!

In episode 55 we’re joined by a luminary of evolutionary biology and behavioural ecology, Professor Marlene Zuk of the University of Minnesota!  Marlene joins us to talk about her latest book Paleofantasy, crickets, the odd things that people will tell you, and more!  If you like science, this one’s chock-full of it.

Episode 54: It’s goo time with Upulie Divisekera!


In episode 54 we chat with the talented Upulie Divisekera, molecular biology PhD student at Monash University.  It’s a free-wheeling interview covering everything from nanotech for cancer to science communication to Cordyceps fruiting bodies erupting out of human heads! Come on, you know you want to hear about the grey goo. All the cool kids are doing it.

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Episode 53: Shake some lice with Jessica Light!

In episode 53, we’re joined by the awesome and funny Jessica Light to talk lice. That’s right, lice. More generally, though, it’s host-parasite interaction and it’s pretty fascinating stuff. You’ll learn things. Interesting things. Dark things. Ever wondered how to collect lice from a dead rat? We guarantee that you’ll never look at a Home Depot the same way.