For a long time, the assumption has been that once you get your PhD it will only be a matter of time until you’re offered a professorship, ideally on the tenure track, and that any other career outcome is a disappointment. However, this depiction of traditional versus alternate academic careers is shifting, especially in light of recent data showing a mere 10-20% of people graduating with a PhD in science actually end up with faculty positions in the academe! So with that in mind, for the entire month of October, Breaking Bio will be bringing you interviews with people who jumped from the academic career track and into the world of Alt-Ac, a series that we’re oh-so-cleverly calling #AltActober. We’ll be talking to a broad range of people, all with diverse backgrounds and who have gone on to find successful & fulfilling careers outside the “normal” career trajectory presented to PhD students and post-docs.

Ariel Zych, Education Manager of the Science Friday Initiative, helps us kick off #AltActober, by explaining why she decided to leave a funded PhD position to explore the world of teaching, education and non-profit outreach, and how she ended up working for one of the most successful popular science media franchises in North America: Science Friday.

Show Notes:
Sylvia Earle
SciFri’s #ExplainTheSun
Ariel’s work on Jadera haematoloma


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