Ep. 73 – Seeing Red, and yellow, and blue, with Dr. Nate Morehouse

This week we’re joined by Dr. Nate Morehouse, an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh who studies colour and how its used among insects and spiders. Nate explained some of his lab’s work trying to understand how butterflies tell who are potential mates and who are wasted effort, as well as how jumping spiders taste the rainbow.

If you enjoyed this episode, Nate and his lab could use your help with their crowd-funding campaign to finance an expedition to the southwestern US in search of colourful jumping spiders. Learn more and donate at their page on Experiment.com.

Show Notes:

Colour polymorphisms in butterflies and reproductive interference

Colour vision in jumping spiders and how they use it to preferentially select prey

Condition Dependent Ornaments and Life History in animals

Nate’s YouTube Channel with videos of spiders and field work

Nate’s Postdoc, Dr. Daniel Zurek’s YouTube Channel with more spider videos

How Animals Hacked the Rainbow and Got Stumped on Blue

Follow Nate’s Work Online:

Morehouse Lab Webpage – http://www.biology.pitt.edu/person/nathan-morehouse

Morehouse Lab Blog (watch for it to go live soon) – http://www.morehouse.pit.edu

Morehouse Lab on Twitter – @MorehouseLab – https://twitter.com/MorehouseLab

Nate Morehouse on Twitter – @zapkapow – https://twitter.com/zapkapow


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What Makes Science Bloggers Tick with Paige Brown Jarreau! Episode 72

This week we’re talking to Louisiana State University PhD student Paige Brown Jarreau about her work trying to understand what makes science bloggers tick, or at least why they do what they do. We also discuss the role and future of crowd-funding scientific research.

Show Notes:

Help support Paige’s crowd-funding campaign – https://experiment.com/projects/something-is-wrong-on-the-internet-what-does-the-science-blogger-do?s=search

Paige has placed all of her slides from the Strategic Social Media course we discussed online  – http://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow?searchfrom=header&q=%23Manship4002

Here’s the study Morgan mentioned regarding social media & academic citations (PDF) – http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/~cm1993/papers/blogCitations.pdf

Follow Paige online:
Blog – http://www.scilogs.com/from_the_lab_bench/
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Photography – http://paigesphotos.photoshelter.com/


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Breaking Bio Episode 71 – Columbia University Mammal Mashup!

This week we’ve put together 4 shorter interviews with Columbia University Conservation Biology Master’s Students who are all starting their academic careers studying some aspect of Mammal Conservation. From African traffic noise, to mouse gut microbes, and monkey poo to monkey conflicts, these students share their enthusiasm for their work.

Kaggie Orrick – @KaggleRock – https://twitter.com/kagglerock
Erin Dimech – @ErinDimech – https://twitter.com/erindimech
Jessica Stitt – @JessMStitt – https://twitter.com/jessmstitt
Allison Roth

Columbia University Conservation Biology Student Blog – http://www.cuinthefield.wordpress.com/


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