Breaking Bio Episode 70 – Mistaken sex and rapacious spiders with Dr Emily Burdfield-Steel!

This week, we talk to Dr. Emily Burfield-Steel of the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland about her work with species who get confused in the bedroom, how scientists introduce drama into spider sex, and moth farts. Kinda.

Show notes:

Horny & confused fur seal story & original paper.

Emily explains what sexual interference is and why it’s important for Current Biology. (PDF)

Read more about sexual stereotypes in Emily’s paper (PDF), or check out the coverage at i09.


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Breaking Bio Episode 69 – Getting semi-social with Dr. Sandra Rehan!

We talk to Dr. Sandra Rehan of the University of New Hampshire about her work on the evolution of sociality, the natural history of bees, and what it’s like to be a new prof!

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Breaking Bio Episode 68 – #SAFE13 with Drs. Clancy, Nelson, Rutherford & Hinde

This week, we sit down and discuss the #SAFE13 project, which is bringing incidences of sexual harassment and assault in scientific field research to light, with the study’s authors: Dr. Kate Clancy, Dr. Robin Nelson, Dr. Julienne Rutherford, and Dr. Katie Hinde.

The #SAFE13 paper is open access and can be read for free –

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Dr. Kate Clancy, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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Dr. Robin Nelson, Skidmore College
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Dr. Julienne Rutherford, University of Illinois, Chicago
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Dr. Katie Hinde, Harvard University
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