Breaking Bio Episode 67 – Autotrophs, roll out! with Dr. Hope Jahren


Tom talks to Dr. Hope Jahren from the University of Hawaii Manoa about her work on plants and how they deal with changing climates, both in recent years and long in the past.

Learn more about Hope’s research & read her excellent writing at:
Lab webpage
Personal blog – Hope Jahren Sure Can Write (she’s not kidding, she really, really can)
Twitter – @HopeJahren

Shortly after this episode was taped, Hope published an incredibly moving and important opinion piece in the New York Times regarding Science’s Sexual Assault Problem. We highly recommend you take the time to read it if you haven’t done so already.

Breaking Bio Episode 66 – Fighting Bad Medicine with Dr. David Gorski

We sit down to talk with Dr. David Gorski, oncologist and science blogger, about his long blogging career and his continuing crusade against crack-pot medical advice.

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Science-Based Medicine –
Respectful Insolence –
Twitter – @gorskon –

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Breaking Bio #65 – Sex chromosomes & Math for Biologists with Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres!

We sit down to talk about the evolution of sex chromosomes and the diversity of ways organisms determine sex with Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres of Arizona State University. Dr. Wilson Sayres also explains why math is important for biologists, and how public outreach and engagement needs to become more common from practicing scientists.

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Read her blog –
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