Breaking Bio Special! Miss Possible & Role Models for Girls

We’re on hiatus for the summer, but filmed a special episode to highlight a crowd-funding project that we think deserves a voice and hopefully some funding.

We talk to Janna Eaves, CTO and Co-Founder of Miss Possible, a start-up company looking to empower girls to follow their dreams by creating a line of children’s dolls showcasing female role models from STEM fields. Miss Possible is currently running a crowd-funding campaign in order to start production on their first doll (Marie Curie). Janna tells us all about what Miss Possible is and hopes to do, as well as how a couple of entreprenuerial women started their own line of dolls while finishing their undergraduate degrees in engineering.

Miss Possible Website

Miss Possible Indiegogo Crowd-funding Campaign

Miss Possible on Facebook & Twitter

Breaking Bio Blitz! Soil Biodiversity with Natalie Bray

We learn about the tiny things that make soil function while talking to Natalie Bray, a Master’s student at Columbia University.

Follow along with the research being done by Conservation Biology Students at Columbia University featured on Breaking Bio Blitz on their blog,