Episode 60: Climate and coral with Emily Darling!

It’s coral reefs, it’s climate change, it’s us making connections for our next African vacation.  It’s episode 60 with Emily Darling (@emilysdarling), marine ecologist extraordinaire! And good news:  we’re not all screwed.  Well, mostly.  Probably.  Okay, look, watch the interview and decide for yourself.

Episode 59: Dolphin talk with Justin Gregg!

It’s dolphin time!  Join us as we talk with Justin Gregg, research associate at the Dolphin Communication Project, author of the new book Are Dolphins Really Smart, and voiceover artist.  Bonus: a brief discussion on dolphin assisted birth and why that’s a really dumb idea.

Episode 58: From farm to fork with Dan Gillis!

In episode 58 we’re joined by Dan Gillis, Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph.  We had a great talk about his work as an ecological modeller for the Saugeen Ojibway First Nations and about an innovative project with his students that is helping to deliver fresh food to food donors and emergency food providers!

Episode 56b – Mammal March Madness with Katie Hinde!

It’s that time of year again, where Harvard mammalogist and milk researcher Katie Hinde (who we met in Episode 56) pits mammals from across the world against one another to find out who will reign supreme! She gave Breaking Bio the scoop on who’s in and who’s out this year, along with some of the new rules and prizes!

This year’s brackets have just been announced, so go visit Katie’s blog (Mammals Suck), fill out your bracket, and join in the fun! The competition begins Monday, March 10th, so be sure to subscribe to Katie’s blog to catch the nightly matchups, and watch #2014MMM on Twitter for all the action!

Once you’ve made your picks, don’t be afraid to tag Breaking Bio and talk some smack. Who will be the maddest mammal of them all? Stay-tuned to find out!
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