Episode 55: Come share a paleofantasy with Marlene Zuk!

In episode 55 we’re joined by a luminary of evolutionary biology and behavioural ecology, Professor Marlene Zuk of the University of Minnesota!  Marlene joins us to talk about her latest book Paleofantasy, crickets, the odd things that people will tell you, and more!  If you like science, this one’s chock-full of it.

Episode 54: It’s goo time with Upulie Divisekera!


In episode 54 we chat with the talented Upulie Divisekera, molecular biology PhD student at Monash University.  It’s a free-wheeling interview covering everything from nanotech for cancer to science communication to Cordyceps fruiting bodies erupting out of human heads! Come on, you know you want to hear about the grey goo. All the cool kids are doing it.

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Episode 53: Shake some lice with Jessica Light!

In episode 53, we’re joined by the awesome and funny Jessica Light to talk lice. That’s right, lice. More generally, though, it’s host-parasite interaction and it’s pretty fascinating stuff. You’ll learn things. Interesting things. Dark things. Ever wondered how to collect lice from a dead rat? We guarantee that you’ll never look at a Home Depot the same way.