Episode 50: The not-so-reluctant Mr. Quammen!

Episode 50!  For this episode, we had the chance to chat with amazing author and National Geographic contributor David Quammen (Spillover, Song of the Dodo).  This episode was so packed full of awesome that we recorded for double the length and split it into two parts.  No word of a lie, this is one of the best episodes we’ve recorded.

Episode 49: Mendeley with William Gunn!

In episode 49, we talk with William Gunn (@mrgunn), Head of Academic Outreach at Mendeley!  We chat with him about Mendeley, replicating studies, open access, and Elsevier.  Did you #mendelete?  One of the hosts did! Come see us dish out the hardhitting journalistic questions for which our podcast is not at all famous.

Episode 48: Let anarchy reign with Zen Faulkes!

In episode 48, we talk with academic poster design guru (and all-around science guy) Zen Faulkes, also known as @doctorzen.  Come for the Captain Canuck, stay for the design tips!


  • Avid viewer and sometime host Sam Evans sent us this link during the podcast, which shows a great example of good poster design in action.