Episode 47: Yoda complex? Andrew Jackson!

In episode 47, we chat with Andrew Jackson of The College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin, or Trinity College Dublin, for short.  This time, we’re talking evolution of cooperation, we’re talking self-deception and creationism, we’re talking visual processing (why do flies live in the Matrix?), and we’re talking math.  Feel the modelling.  Live the modelling.  Love the (mathematical) modelling.

Episode 46: Climbing the Tree of Life with Emily McTavish!

Episode 46 finds us chatting with Emily McTavish, postdoc at the University of Kansas, about the Open Tree of Life project!  No idea what that is (http://opentreeoflife.org)?  Hear about the project, data collection, and why *you too* should be a programmer in biology!

Episode 45: Rap with Baba Brinkman!

For episode 45, we’re joined by the peer-reviewed rapper himself, Baba Brinkman!  What else can I say?  Sit back and watch this interview filled with awesome sauce.


  • Link to the full video of Natural Selection from the podcast here. 

Episode 44: Mites and millipedes with Derek and Mike!

Derek Hennen (@derekhennen) and Mike Skvarla (@MSkvarla36) join us to talk about the perils of Arkansas field work, their favourite mites and millipedes, and we end off with a fact about your eyebrows that will keep you up at night.  It’s another must-watch!