Episode 43: Cohosts and crowdfunding!

It’s episode 43!  Your three sparkling cohosts discuss crowdfunding and other alternative ways of funding science, pros and cons, in depth.  We get a little more serious than our usual show, but it’s a great conversation.

Episode 42: It’s all about rugby with Josh Witten!

No, we haven’t become a sports podcast, but rugby does make an appearance when we’re joined by Josh Witten, PhD in molecular biology and big cheese at the awesome blog / science communication powerhouse The Finch & Pea. Josh spent some time talking with Morgan and Heidi about science communication, the aforementioned rugby, and the scrum^H^H^H^H joys and perils of lab culture.


Episode 41: Michael Whitehead talks flowers!

Michael Whitehead joins us to talk sexually deceptive orchids, flies, the hardships (hah!) of doing field work in South Africa, and selling your science.  Plus, look for yet another ignored request to cut stuff out of the episode!