Episode 38: Ben Wegener talks squid sex!


Some weeks it’s zombie ants, some weeks it’s kinky squid sex;  this week, it’s kinky squid sex with Ben Wegener.  If you’re looking for a conversation that veers wildly between technical aspects of sexual selection and questionable beauty products, we’ve got what you’re looking for.  (Warning: this episode’s audio is a little NSFW).

Episode 37: Zombies with David Hughes!

ZOMBIES!  WANT YOUR BRAI…*ahem*. In this episode we chat with David Hughes (@zombieantguy): entomologist, parasitologist, and high-flying consultant to Hollywood and video games!  Come hear about behaviour-controlling fungi in ants, World War Z, and The Last of Us.  If you like better science in pop culture, David’s your guy.

Episode 36: Christie Wilcox!


Christie Wilcox (@NerdyChristie) comes on to school us on lionfish with liver damage and why scientists should use social media.  Come for the invasive species, stay for the social media smackdown!


You can read more about obese lion fish in Christie’s excellent Slate article.

If you’re a scientist looking for advice on social networking, be sure to check out the Social Networking for Scientists Wiki Christie has helped set up, which is chock full of advice on using different social media platforms.

Christie and Steven ended up having a much longer discussion about the science of science communication online, which you can watch in the unedited video here. That long discussion somehow inspired Morgan to create this, which should be hitting movie theatres sometime in 2014:

The Twitter Files - Steven Wants to Believe (in science communication backed up with statistically quantifiable data)

The Twitter Files – Steven Wants to Believe (in science communication backed up with statistically quantifiable results & data)

Episode 35: Phil Torres, Man of the Amazon!

If you want to hear about cobra venom in your eye and tramping around the jungles like a *real* biologist, then Phil Torres is your man and this is your episode!  Plus, the behind-the-scenes story of the Donald Trump caterpillar.  Don’t miss this one!

The paper Phil mentioned describing his recovery from spitting cobra venom can be found here (open access).

Phil’s Trojan Spider feature on Wired.

You can follow all of Phil’s travels on his blog, including the Donald Trump caterpillar.