Episode 15: Baby Carrots!

In episode 15, Lauren, Morgan, Rafael, Tom and I discuss the least-stressful job of 2013 (professor!) and scientific literacy.  Then, the topic turns to baby carrots and things go completely off the rails.  You may never look at your vegetables the same way again.

Episode 14: Jaden Walker and the bedroom of 12,000 spiders!

In Episode 14, Morgan and I chat with Jaden Walker (@theeternal, @myriap0da), who is an amateur entomologist, musician, autism advocate, and more.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to house 12,000 spiders (no, that’s not a typo) in your bedroom, this is the episode for you!

Episode 13

In this episode, Lauren, Morgan, Rafael, Tom, Bug and I chat with Jacquelyn Gill (@jacquelyngill):  paleoecologist extraordinaire, social media powerhouse, and all around purveyor of awesome sauce.  We cover the ins-and-outs of paleoecology (i.e. the daily dung), scicomm, social media, improving things for women in science, mammoth attacks, and more!  This episode was pretty meaty, so for ease I split it up into 3 parts.  Enjoy!

Breaking Bio Blooper Reel (2012)

Look, we do our best, but … well, sometimes things just go horribly wrong. Here’s the best and worst of 2012 from the Breaking Bio crew, here for your amusement at our expense!  (Note:  no audio version, because there’s a lot of unintentional sight gags in this one).