Episode 12


In Episode 12, Bug, Crystal, Morgan, Tom and I talk about why the Strepsiptera are rubbish, censorship!, the public conversation about science and whether we can blog our science as it happens, and academic … CV … size. Not only was this Crystal’s first live podcast, but Tom was kind of drunk. Audio is definitely NSFW.

Episode 11

In this episode I’m joined by Lauren, Tom, Morgan, Michael and Bug Girl as we talk with Professor Mike Siva-Jothy (@sivajothy) of the University of Sheffield. ¬†We cover traumatic insemination in bedbugs, tiny glass-blown genitalia, and the triumphant return of pubic lice!

As always, if you want to listen to this episode later at your leisure – or simply don’t want your enjoyment of insect genitalia discussions being spoiled by the accompanying pixellated video of biologists – then head on over to our iTunes page to download it there…