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Episode 88 – Beetles and Battling Sexism with Beulah Garner

Beulah Garner, Senior Curator of Coleoptera at the Natural History Museum joins us to share her love for beetles, experiences from field work, and how women in the natural sciences are still faced with inappropriate behaviours and sexist attitudes directed at them.

Show notes:
Natural History Heroes – Evelyn Cheesman

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Flamingo Fun with Chris Torres – Breaking Bio Ep. 74

This week, we learn all about flamingos from molecular biologist/palaeontologist Chris Torres of the University of Texas at Austin. Chris also explains how he solved a 150 year old mystery in a natural history museum, and why his house is covered in pink.

Show Notes:
Torres C. (2001). Relationships of Birds – Molecules versus Morphology, eLS, DOI:

Torres C.R., Mark AF Gillingham, Brittney Ferrari & Marcel van Tuinen (2014). A multi-locus inference of the evolutionary diversification of extant flamingos (Phoenicopteridae), BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14 (1) 36. DOI:

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Breaking Bio Episode 69 – Getting semi-social with Dr. Sandra Rehan!

We talk to Dr. Sandra Rehan of the University of New Hampshire about her work on the evolution of sociality, the natural history of bees, and what it’s like to be a new prof!

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