Episode 43: Cohosts and crowdfunding!

It’s episode 43!  Your three sparkling cohosts discuss crowdfunding and other alternative ways of funding science, pros and cons, in depth.  We get a little more serious than our usual show, but it’s a great conversation.

Episode 42: It’s all about rugby with Josh Witten!

No, we haven’t become a sports podcast, but rugby does make an appearance when we’re joined by Josh Witten, PhD in molecular biology and big cheese at the awesome blog / science communication powerhouse The Finch & Pea. Josh spent some time talking with Morgan and Heidi about science communication, the aforementioned rugby, and the scrum^H^H^H^H joys and perils of lab culture.


Episode 40: Cooperate with Stephen Heap!

In episode 40, Stephen Heap (University of Jyväskylä in Finland) joins us to talk about his research on everything from nest sites in toadlets to landmarks in cichlids to animal signalling systems to human cooperative behaviours!  Plus, why you should fear the winter in Finland.

Episode 39: Get on the couch with the Bug Chicks!

The Bug Chicks return (from way back in Episode 9!) to talk to use about their awesome Indiegogo campaign to film an educational show about bugs across the US.  Plus, an exclusive announcement about the show breaks here on the show, and we get some behind-the-scenes talk from the hosts!  If you like bugs, or good educational programming, or support women and girls in science then you should watch this episode.

Now, go give them all your money.  We know where you live*.

* We have no idea where you live, but the Bug Chicks still deserve some of your money.

Episode 38: Ben Wegener talks squid sex!


Some weeks it’s zombie ants, some weeks it’s kinky squid sex;  this week, it’s kinky squid sex with Ben Wegener.  If you’re looking for a conversation that veers wildly between technical aspects of sexual selection and questionable beauty products, we’ve got what you’re looking for.  (Warning: this episode’s audio is a little NSFW).

Episode 37: Zombies with David Hughes!

ZOMBIES!  WANT YOUR BRAI…*ahem*. In this episode we chat with David Hughes (@zombieantguy): entomologist, parasitologist, and high-flying consultant to Hollywood and video games!  Come hear about behaviour-controlling fungi in ants, World War Z, and The Last of Us.  If you like better science in pop culture, David’s your guy.